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Crypto Confidence podcast

Aug 23, 2019

Artists, writers and creators have always struggled to find ways to monetise their work effectively, and in an era of ad-funded online clickbait, it has never been more challenging.

Distributed ledger technology is enabling new platforms to democratise that creativity, and share the rewards generated directly and fairly with the writers who create it. As the world becomes more and more aware of the idea that we DO pay for the things we read and watch one way or another, we now have a choice of whether we pay with our eyeballs to view ads, or by consciously interacting with the creator and thanking them in a token economy - and readers can judge for themselves which model creates the meaningful and intelligent work they actually want to enjoy.

We're talking to Rosemary O'Neill, founder of Narrative - Narrative is a new platform where anyone can write and publish, and build their own audiences for their work. It's part of a growing wave of decentralised publication tools which are set to revolutionise the "content" industry as we know it - and about time too. is the platform, and you can learn more about the brand by following their corporate feed at

They're on Twitter: @narrative_hq and Rosemary’s personal account is @rhogroupee