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Crypto Confidence podcast

Jun 28, 2019

So it's official: Project Libra has been announced to a waiting world, and we can finally get a look at the worst-kept secret in blockchain... Facebook, and a consortium of corporate partners, are creating Libra Coin.

Their stated aim is to offer fast low cost payments to the millions of unbanked people around the world, but the details are still hazy. To help us try and unpack them, we speak to software developer Jeansy Molanza, whose knowledge of blockchain combines with life experience in the UK and Africa, to offer a unique perspective on what money really means - especially in parts of the world where economic and political uncertainty is a constant backdrop.

We discuss the implications of Project Libra for developed and less-developed nations and the people who live there, and try to extrapolate the broader impact this new development may have on the cryptocurrency world in general... and indeed, the wider world.

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