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Crypto Confidence podcast

Dec 28, 2018

On the Crypto Confidence Podcast today I’m talking to my BlockSparks colleague and PR expert, Helen Moore, about what has been said about Blockchain in the media in 2018.

We chat about the way that crypto and blockchain are portrayed in the media, how sentiment can affect the markets and what the big news stories of the year were.

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Read more about Google’s most asked question of 2018 “What is Bitcoin?”. Find out about Coinbase adding Paypal to their platform.

Crypto Alphabet:

G is for gas.

Gas is a small amount of ethereum paid to people who use their computers to record transactions and do other software acts, on the ethereum blockchain. It’s the cost of doing business. Remember that cryptocurrencies can’t make more money out of the mere existence of your money, in the way that central banks can - such as by fractional reserve lending. So simply processing and sending transactions always has a tiny cost involved for the miners, which has to be paid somewhere along the line.

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