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Crypto Confidence podcast

Nov 16, 2018

Today we are hugely privileged to welcome Matthew Aaron from Crypto101 podcast to our own podcast.

We talk to Matthew about the heartbreaking personal losses he suffered in his family, which he later realised could have been averted, had cryptocurrencies and blockchain been available solutions. Solutions which literally have the power to save lives.

Matthew’s search for better answers led to the creation of one of the podcasts which inspired us to launch Crypto Confidence. He wanted to create a place to find the basic answers to the questions we all have, that are well researched, helpful and well-informed and so the Crypto101 podcast was born. Matthew isn’t afraid to ask those 101 questions and find the answers for them.

If you'd like to listen to the Crypto101 Podcast you can find them here and also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Crypto Alphabet:

D is for decentralised.

In the crypto space decentralised means that no single entity can make arbitrary changes to the way something works because the decisions have to be made collectively. Decentralised currencies on a distributed ledger are very hard to damage, resistant to attack and no government can switch it off.

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