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Crypto Confidence podcast

Apr 5, 2019

Jen Greyson is the CEO and founder of CoCo, the airbnb of office space. 

Her career began in corporate America, and found her way to the blockchain world about 2 years ago - finding a huge contrast between the secrecy of the business world and the transparency and collaborativeness of blockchain projects, as well as the speed of change of and development. She also felt an immediate sense of connection and fit, with the community and everything it’s working to accomplish.

Jen’s present project was borne out of a need as a digital nomad and parent, to find accessible and affordable office space on the road. With so many empty desks around the world, and so many people needing temporary spaces to get on and work, they’re bringing the two communities together on the blockchain.  Using blockchain and smart contracts makes so much sense, to create the transparency and accountability needed for both parties and eliminate foreign exchange arbitrage. And soon every travelling worker will be able to find a desk or a meeting room anywhere in the world...

We also discussed the role of women in blockchain, and Jen expressed admiration for the pioneering work of women in the space who are leaning in and opening doors, making space for every skill that the industry needs (far more than technical skills).  Blockchain needs more women, as users and problem solvers and business people… So that we can develop solutions which meet real needs in society “if women aren’t part of the conversation, they can’t be part of the change”. Women are part of so many decisions and processes in society, and blockchain is going to impact on many of these areas of life, we must ensure we’re part of the dialogue. Women care about who else will be impacted, and we’ll move heaven and earth to create change for people.  

We talk about the ‘marmite’ nature of the space – to which nobody ever seems to be indifferent. And the way crypto years run differently to normal time!  But there’s a warm welcome guaranteed for everyone, so come on in!

Keep in touch with Jen and her work at CoCo:

“I'm @jengreyson on every platform, so I'm super easy to find”


M is for Mimblewimble

 A new blockchain protocol, enabling some very specific privacy and scalability properties. Dark art, or the future of privacy? That remains to be seen. Cryptocurrency implementations include Grin and Beam

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